Fear Is A Lie


Posted by BigBadWolf – This is meant to be inspirational for fitness, but in actuality this is true for all aspects of life. Fear lies to you, and if you listen, it will keep you from your potential…and happiness. #Exercise #Healthy #Meme

Back in the earlier days of evolution, humans were prey to giant hyenas, cave bears, and predatory kangaroos.

We’ve been able to outlast those guys, but evolutionary psychologists will tell you that we’re still on constant lookout for the thing that wants to eat us next.

The trouble is, the audience at your next presentation is not, in fact, a bunch of razor-toothed animals. They generally want to see you do well.

Since being plagued by anxiety is a sure way to sabotage your own success, we’ve put together a collection of research-backed tips for overcoming your chronic fears and daily stressors.

Kim Bhasin contributed research to this article.